Introducing VFA Worksheets

As promised, we will begin to provide you with worksheets that you can use as you work through the development and testing of your venture idea and business model. Our worksheets are designed to be edited using Adobe Reader DC XI, available for free Mac and Windows downloads.

The first worksheet, Describe Your Venture Idea, can be used at the beginning of the venture creation process. First, it can be used to generate an initial venture positioning statement, where you describe core “untested” assumptions on the problem, solution, target customer, and value provided to the customer. You can read our earlier post on What is your venture idea? Four questions to answer upfront to help you think through your starting assumptions regarding your venture idea.

Secondly, you can directly apply these statements to the first iteration of your business model canvas’s elements – value proposition (problem, solution, value) and Customer Segment (customer). Check out our post on Why apply business models to startups?

Of course, these statements will change as you test your assumptions through customer engagement and market research. However, we have found that this early venture positioning statement helps you to articulate your initial idea to potential customers and other interested parties.

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