Introducing Our Blog for Entrepreneurs, Start Ups & Small-Medium Businesses

Entrepreneur-1The purpose of this blog is to support the learning and practice of the thousands of students who have taken entrepreneurship and venture creation courses at Columbia University, Columbia Business School and its affiliate, Venture for All®.

Venture for All® (VFA) is dedicated to supporting aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs all over the world, with a focus on frontier and emerging markets. Our venture creation programs are largely based on advanced courses taught at Columbia Business School.

VFA classes are structured using proprietary sequence of topics and assignments to support real venture creation. Depending on audience and length of study, we offer topics across several modules (see Course Roadmap), starting with the evaluation of a new opportunity and ending with a launch readiness plan. Students acquire important knowledge and skills including testing & validating business models, engaging early customers, researching market and industry trends, developing minimal viable products, creating brand equity, managing financial performance, and leading new venture teams. The assignments are designed to help students build their new venture’s business model in a step-by-step manner, testing and refining throughout the class. Students receive detailed in-person and video feedback on each assignment.

Venture for Creation Roadmap PIC

For our youth classes, typically 5 days in length, we focus on topics across ten modules: Your Idea, Your Business Model, Your Customer, Your Market, Your Industry, Your Product, Your Campaign, Your Budget, Your Team, and Your Pitch. Each module covers the key strategies and tools necessary to test and modify your new venture’s business model. The classes are highly interactive with extensive feedback provided along the way. Click VFA 10 Module to review module, topic, and assignment list.

In the next post, we will outline our Venture Discovery Process that supports the testing and refinement of each element of your business model. Later posts will provide a deep dive into the process.

For more information on Venture for All®, go to

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